Comfy Dog on Latex Topper
November 14, 2018

Hard Rock Sofa

Dog on Comfortable Mattress Topper

While chatting with my daughter a few months ago about her college-age son, currently living in Sacramento, California, she popped a sudden question. “Hey Mom, Theo has a sofa bed that he pretty much lives on that is hard as a rock. Its so bad he’s apparently ready to throw it away. He even claims that the floor might be more comfortable. Do you think one of your fancy toppers could help?”

I work with various foam mattress toppers, and have enjoyed sleeping on them for decades. And though I’d told the family about my own experiences on numerous occasions … well, Moms and Dads – and Grandparents -- usually only get requests like this when the kids have been totally unable to figure it out for themselves.

“You know,” I replied, “I may have just what Theo needs to make that sofa-bed into a cozy nest once again. What size is it?”

We sent a 3” Talalay Latex Topper directly to my grandson’s apartment. And wouldn’t you guess that it sat in the box there until my daughter went to visit. She had to get it out of the box and onto the sofa-bed for him. Yes, mothers will do just about anything for their kids!

I didn’t expect to hear anything right away – particularly from a young college-aged guy. Much to my surprise, however, my daughter told me within a few days that Theo said the topper “was a Godsend” that made his sofa comfortable to sit and sleep on again. She added that he absolutely loves it, and he has no more aches and pains from sleeping. "Oh, by the way," she interjected, "Freddie loves the new topper too. He's Theo's dog."

Need to bring cozy comfort to your bed or furniture? offers an array of Best Selling and Affordable latex toppers from Organic Dunlop Latex all the way to Original Talalay Latex – with numerous varieties in between! Give us a call at (800) 508-1008 for help with your bedding needs.

Sleep Well – Be Well, Naturally

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Family in Bed Talalay Latex
November 06, 2018

You Get What You Pay For

Read All About It !!! Read All About It !!!

Talalay Latex Mattress Topper


It used to be that the hottest item being bought by just about everyone was Dunlop Latex Toppers. But now, even more than ever before, just about everything including buying habits seems to be changing every time the seasons change.

Mattress Toppers? Our best selling ones are Talalay Latex Toppers; and we get customers adamant that the Original (Blended) are the best, while other customers are equally adamant that the 100% Natural product is the best. Whichever is best for you and your needs, our Pure Talalay Latex is made in the USA and Oeko-Tex Certified for purity from harmful stuff.

Ultimate Sleep Talalay Latex is the highest quality latex available, and not some cheap copy-cat knockoff made outside the USA by some unknown company for the sole purpose of aiming to grab all the sales by lowball pricing for lowball products.

Many of our customers tell us their stories of picking up a cheapo topper, only to have to discard it in a relatively short time because of the inferior quality. They come to Ultimate Sleep and find the quality and comfort they need, at a very reasonable price.

We believe in Quality Products, Excellent Customer Service, and Affordable Pricing -- and strive to offer products made in the USA whenever and wherever possible. Remember, "you get what you pay for"!

Latex Sleep Therapy is a phrase coined to describe our American Made Talalay Latex. The same exceptional quality product is available in an Original Talalay Latex, the formulation for which the Talalay Process was originally developed; and now a 100% Natural Talalay Latex, which was developed later in response to the demand for an all natural version of the original flagship product.

What a perfect way to renew an old mattress, or add a touch of "special" to your bed!

Sleep Well, Be Well -- Naturally

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October 30, 2018

About Latex Bedding

Hevea Brasiliensis Rubber Trees

In The Beginning....

Natural Latex Foam has been used as a premium orthopedic support material in beds for decades now, due to its uniquely springy support and time-tested durability. Thus the rubber tree family, including Hevea brasiliensis, has found a sweet spot in the homes of individuals the world around.

Of course, the indigenous peoples of ancient civilizations already familiar with rubber trees had known about them for a very long time before we "discovered" rubber in modern times. Noticing the elastic and waterproofing qualities rubber demonstrated, they developed appropriate uses according to their cultural needs.

Discovered Rubber

Explorers of various European countries found many significant uses for rubber, and enhanced their countries and leaders by bringing rubber home. With the subsequent discover of vulcanization -- the process used to turn liquid rubber into an elastic "solid" -- the uses of rubber expanded into the automotive industry and further technological uses.

With the addition of frothing or foaming of the batter before curing, latex began to be used as a cushioning and bedding material -- a great relief to the generations who had endured hard and unyielding beds. Not only did latex offer a cushioned and resilient sleep surface, but it seemed to last forever.

Latex Foam Rubber

Within the bedding industry, the original latex foam rubber known as Dunlop Latex became more industrialized as issues of production and quality control were systematically addressed. The Dunlop Latex Process has been systematized in steps from the gathering and cleansing of the latex sap, frothing or aeration, vulcanization or curing, and post-production washing and quality testing.

But the rubber trees grew far away in tropical regions had to be processed there, because the rubber tree sap was not stable enough to endure long storage and transport over the seas. And then the finished product had to be  transported over the seas and protected against the elements.

Eventually a methodology was developed to stabilize the latex sap for long distance transport, and coupled with a new curing process called the Talalay Process. Now latex rubber products could be produced in Europe and America, and the parameters could be more tightly controlled to our demand.

The Talalay Latex Process was actually envisioned with one more "enhancement" -- the addition of recently-formulated man-made rubber otherwise known as SBR or Styrene-Butadiene Rubber. Thus, Original Talalay Latex was a blended latex product and promised to offer the best qualities of both the natural and man-made rubbers.

With the "green movement" of recent years, many customers asked the question, "This Talalay Latex is such a great product ... but can you make an all natural version?" And so there came about All Natural Talalay Latex foam -- specifically for the bedding industry.

Today there are a number of products available:

And here at Ultimate Sleep, we offer all of them at everyday discount prices, as well as fully upholstered toppers and custom mattresses of the best latex available!

Be Well - Sleep Well, Naturally

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