Hard Rock Sofa

Comfy Dog on Latex Topper

November 14, 2018

Dog on Comfortable Mattress Topper

While chatting with my daughter a few months ago about her college-age son, currently living in Sacramento, California, she popped a sudden question. “Hey Mom, Theo has a sofa bed that he pretty much lives on that is hard as a rock. Its so bad he’s apparently ready to throw it away. He even claims that the floor might be more comfortable. Do you think one of your fancy toppers could help?”

I work with various foam mattress toppers, and have enjoyed sleeping on them for decades. And though I’d told the family about my own experiences on numerous occasions … well, Moms and Dads – and Grandparents -- usually only get requests like this when the kids have been totally unable to figure it out for themselves.

“You know,” I replied, “I may have just what Theo needs to make that sofa-bed into a cozy nest once again. What size is it?”

We sent a 3” Talalay Latex Topper directly to my grandson’s apartment. And wouldn’t you guess that it sat in the box there until my daughter went to visit. She had to get it out of the box and onto the sofa-bed for him. Yes, mothers will do just about anything for their kids!

I didn’t expect to hear anything right away – particularly from a young college-aged guy. Much to my surprise, however, my daughter told me within a few days that Theo said the topper “was a Godsend” that made his sofa comfortable to sit and sleep on again. She added that he absolutely loves it, and he has no more aches and pains from sleeping. "Oh, by the way," she interjected, "Freddie loves the new topper too. He's Theo's dog."

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