Custom Mattress Covers


Fine Covers for Your Mattress

Whether you're re-covering an existing mattress or mattress pad, or putting together your own D-I-Y Latex Mattress, we offer a nice selection of zippered enclosures including some made with Organic Cotton and Pure Wool. Your health and well-being deserves the Highest Quality!


Zippered Mattress Enclosures

Premium Quilted -- with custom quilting to hold the Quilted Pure Wool in place underneath the Certified Organic Cotton Cover. Zippered on three sides for easier installation. Note that some customers prefer to put a little extra foam inside to give the mattress a "tight top" finish when closed up. Top and sides contain 20% Polyester to help reduce the chance of shrinkage during gentle cleaning.

    • 9" Model: Org Cotton & Pure Wool -- Holds 9+ Inches
    • 12" Model: Org Cotton & Pure Wool -- Holds 12+ Inches

Flat Style -- Handsome Organic Cotton without quilting or comfort fill. Each features a three-sided zipper for ease of installation. For a tighter finished mattress, consider an extra inch of foam fill. Contains 20% Polyester to reduce likelihood of shrinkage during gentle cleaning.

    • 9" Model: Organic Cotton -- Holds 9+ Inches
    • 12" Model: Organic Cotton -- Holds 12+ Inches

Custom Styles -- We can make Custom Mattress Covers sized to your specific needs, with specialty materials such as Bamboo and CoolMax Fabric. Please call for more information (800) 498-0779.

Beautiful and Healthy Fabrics

Organic Cotton Cover

Organic Cotton - Flat Organic Cotton enclosure with no quilting. Cotton contains 20% Polyester to help prevent shrinkage during gentle washing.

GOLS Organic Certification

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