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Talalay Latex became an overnight sensation by advancing the comfort qualities of the original Dunlop Latex that our parents and grandparents knew. Modern technologies and industrial processes allow more homogeneous aeration of the foam batter in smaller and more evenly sized aeration in frothing. Similarly, the processing gained a few new steps to help freeze the aeration matrix in place before curing. To what end? -- to prevent air bubbles from rising upward or aggregating, both of which can lead to uneven density, support -- and feel -- from edge to edge across the topper.

Our World Class Talalay Latex really is the best latex available -- no doubt about it -- and that's why we refer to our Talalay products under the title, Latex Sleep Therapy! Whether you choose the Original or Natural Talalay, both offer exceptional performance, comfort, and ergonomic support. The Original Formulation is the one for which the Talalay Process was originally designed, and incorporates both Natural Rubber and Man-Made (SBR) Rubber. The more recent  Naturelle formulation offers Talalay Latex  a 100% Natural Formulation of the same great latex. Whichever suits your needs, Talalay Latex is a perfect way to renew your bed and add a touch of heavenly comfort!

Vita Talalay Latex

All of our fine Original Talalay Latex is Oeko-Tex, CradletoCradle and EcoInstitut Certified to be free of harmful substances and also suitable for babies! You can rest comfortably at night, knowing you have the best latex and it is good for both your sleep and your well-being. The result? -- A happier and more productive life. Each topper is fresh in our factory and it takes about a week before your new topper will ship -- straight out of production! 

We also offer 100% Natural Talalay and Tally-O Upholstered Latex Toppers, for more great options for your bed. Talk about a custom mattress makeover. Please see below.

Our Sales Agents are available at (800) 498-0779 to answer your questions and help you get natural comfort that's right for you! Most of our fine Talalay Latex mattress toppers are also available in 1" thickness as custom items.

Customer Feedback
I have a Sleep Number bed and swapped out the memory foam for a latex topper and what a difference it makes. No "ditch" to roll out of if you switch positions. No back pain in the morning. Sooooooo comfortable. HAPPY!!! -- MaryEllynn


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