Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some examples of how mattress pad toppers are used?
When will a mattress topper not work?
How can we offer these outstanding Internet prices?
What is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay?
What is the difference between Talalay Naturelle and Original?
Which thickness of topper is best for me?
Will a latex topper make me perspire?
What causes the scent of newness?
Does the foam mattress leave body impressions?
How often do I rotate my mattress or topper?
Will a latex foam topper fix my sagging bed?
What does our 30 day trial involve?

What are some examples of how mattress pad toppers are used?

  • You have a spring mattress, which has given many years of good service (or perhaps not!). Rather than spend $800 to $1500 on a new bed you can transform your bed by simply adding an Ultimate Sleep Mattress Pad Topper for as little as $99!
  • You purchased a new bed without a free trial, within the last few years thinking it would last at least 10 or 12 years. Unfortunately, it proved to be too hard or too soft - but now you are stuck with it! You can't afford to buy a new bed, so you are waking up each morning tired, and probably with a neck or backache. What to do? Try one of our Dunlop or Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Pads, risk-free for 30 days, get the sleep you need and deserve and save a lot of money by not buying a new bed!
  • You have different needs now, for various reasons throughout life our bedding needs change.  Perhaps you have suffered an injury, are recovering from surgery, or are just feeling new pains from growing older and wiser.  Numerous reasons can change the level of comfort our bodies’ need at night.  Especially if you only need a different degree of comfort for a short period of time (such as recovering from an injury or surgery) a mattress topper is a perfectly affordable choice.
  • Are you an Airbed owner? If so, you can greatly improve the comfort of your airbed without having to spend another $1500 on the "luxury model." With an Ultimate Sleep Topper you can create a luxury model for as little as $99! Our Topper will smooth out the ridges of an air chamber or the gap between dual chambers or will remedy the "sliding" towards each other many airbed owners experience.
  • Are you a Waterbed owner? Get ready for the best thing that has ever happened to waterbeds since water. Adding a Latex Foam mattress topper to your waterbed will
    • greatly enhance the comfort.
    • greatly reduce the "wave factor" of the shifting water when you move.
    • act as a great insulator. Many people find they can now turn off the waterbed heater.

In addition, if you now own a

  • polyurethane foam bed
  • inner spring mattress
  • latex mattress
  • sofa bed
  • fold away (foam or air ) guest bed

Our premium Latex Foam Mattress Pads will transform any of these good beds into excellent beds at a fraction of the cost of a new bed. Your guests will remember the great sleep they had on your guest bed for years to come!

When will a mattress topper not work?
It is always nice to add a little luxury or to find an inexpensive way to fix up an old mattress.  For many problems a mattress topper is an inexpensive fix.  However, with certain mattress problems adding on a mattress topper just won’t work.  If your mattress has a deep impression or sags in the middle a mattress topper will not fully alleviate this problem.  If you are having this problem with your mattress, it is time to buy a new mattress.  Try one of our very affordable Ultimate Sleep Mattresses.

How can we offer these outstanding internet prices?
First of all, both our Dunlop Latex and Talalay Latex foams are 100% made in the USA - not Mexico or China. That means you immediately save money in a very big way by

  • not paying for very high shipping costs
  • not paying for the high import duties due on a product that competes with American mattress manufacturers.
  • supporting America and American-Made Products -- the most sure way to create a strong economy and nation!

Even more savings because you are paying for the product and not a huge advertising campaign

  • we do not have to cover the costs of  TV, radio, or newspaper ads.
  • we do not have to pay celebrities to endorse our product.
  • we do not distribute through a large chain of costly retail outlets

All of the above translates into huge savings for you without sacrificing quality or service. And you have a 30-day trial on our mattress pads and on all our mattress sets - So you have nothing to lose by trying one of our products. We want you to be a satisfied customer!

What is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay Latex?
First of all, Dunlop and Talalay are processes used in the manufacture of latex toppers -- turning a semi-liquid batter into a finished foam product.

Dunlop is the original and oldest process developed for rubber fabrication. It is the simpler and more basic process, has a long and successful track record, and is thought to produce the most durable and long-lasting product. Latex toppers produced by this method are almost exclusively 100% Natural Rubber, though the same method is used to produce the tires on your car which are made totally of man-made SBR Rubber. Hence, In the bedding industry, Dunlop Latex equates with an all natural latex formulation that is durable and time-tested.

Talalay is the more modern and industrialized process for producing latex foam products, which also involves extra steps. Aside from a formulation that works within an industrualized plant in the USA, this process specifically includes steps for pulling a vacuum on the mold-filled batter in order to create a homogeneous cell-size and distribution, and flash-freezing the aerated batter in the mold in order to prevent the air bubbles from rising, migrating, or merging -- to produce a much more uniform feel from top to bottom and edge to edge. The Talalay Process is also thought to give greater control over finer gradations of product density or ILD.

What is the difference between Talalay Naturelle and Original?
When the Talalay Process was originally developed, it was designed to be a modern process used with a more modern formulation. For a diverse marketplace, customers desire a predictable product quality and gradations of choice that cover the spectrum of their needs. With this in mind, the Talalay Process was originally designed to be used with a Blended Latex Formulation -- which we call Original Talalay -- and the product offered both the benefits described above for the Talalay Process, and also the ability to be formulated to specific ILDs (e.g., 14, 19, 24, 28, 32, 36, 44) rather than ranges, as is the case with All Natural Talalay. This ability comes with the addition of man-made SBR Rubber.

Talalay Naturelle was subsequently developed for the emerging Green Market, for all those who loved Talalay Latex but wanted an all natural latex product. Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified Baby Safe, our 100% Natural Latex Rubber Talalay toppers take Talalay Latex to an entirely new level. Talalay Naturelle is available in specific ILD Ranges, as the finishing of the product is subject to more variables that simply cannot be more closely constrained within an industrialized manufacturing setting.

Which thickness of latex foam is best for me?
We offer mattress toppers in 2 inch and 3 inch profiles. Beyond 2", it is best to layer different ILDs of product for maximum comfort and options.  Clearly, this is a choice of comfort versus cost, and is based on personal preference.  However, it might be helpful to know:

2 inch toppers are recommended for people that…

  • Sleep on their back or front most of the time
  • Are not having a problem with their mattress, and just want additional comfort.  

3 inch toppers are recommended for people that….

  • Sleep on their sides
  • Are having a problem with their mattress where specific pressure points, such as shoulders, or hips, are becoming sore (or worse) because of pressure

Will a latex topper make me perspire?
The more open cell the foam structure, the more self-ventilating the foam, so it actually dissipates heat. All latex foams sleep much cooler than comparable memory foam or polyurethane foam products, but talalay latex is still rubber and thus an inherent insulator. If you're prone to sleeping warm, consider also using a quilted mattress pad on top to aid cooling breathability.

Are all of your latex foam toppers breathable?
All of our latex foams are breathable, as well as pincore drilled across the length and width of the topper to assist with cooling airflow.

What causes the scent of newness?
Specialized processes give the foam a unique quality and feel. They also create a scent that's noticeable when you first open the packaging. To eliminate it, let your mattress "air out" for 24 hours. Natural latex foams are still made of natural rubber, which has its own unique scent. Talalay Original is also all rubber, even though a blend of man-made rubber and botanical rubber, and thus its natural rubbery scent.

Does the latex foam mattress leave body impressions?
No. Whereas memory foam is actually designed to recover slowly from body impressions so as to cradle the body in its unique comfort, latex foam springs right back. Plush, supportive, and resilient. our latex products are comfortable, high quality and durable.

Please Note: All bedding materials do compress over time.

How often do I rotate my topper or mattress?
For most foam mattresses it is suggested that for ultimate performance for the longest period of time, you should rotate the bed once every two weeks for the first three months and then once a month after that. The aim of such strategy is "even wearing" so that the mattress or topper isn't used in exclusively one area and little used across the remainder of its surface.

Please Note: This doesn't mean flipping the mattress upside down. It means rotating the mattress such that the prior "head" becomes the new "foot" and vice versa.

Will a foam topper fix my sagging bed?
A mattress topper will not fix all mattress problems.  If your mattress….

  • has a deep impression or sags in the middle
  • is too soft

In these situations a mattress topper should help, but may not fix your problem.  In these cases a new mattress is recommended.

What does our 30 night trial involve?
Some products we sell come with a 30 day trial. If you wish to return the item cover with a 30 day trial, just call for return authorization and return the product in an unsoiled and undamaged condition and in its original packaging. We will promptly refund the purchase price. You will be responsible for only the return shipping costs. Please keep in mind that all shippers use dimensional weights in calculating shipping, and it is to your advantage to repackage your topper as compactly as possible, and use the smallest box it will fit down inside.