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Ultimate Sleep latex foam mattress pads are made of 100% Natural Latex--the most natural latex found anywhere, Dunlop latex.  They are available in four different firmnesses: Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm. We also offer each firmness in a 2", 3" or 4" height. Latex in varying densities and thicknesses may also be layered to gain the beneficial feel and support characteristics of each separate layer, all in one bed! 

Available in Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Firm and Firm

Soft Latex Mattress Pad

The Soft density of Dunlop Latex is 3.9 lbs per cubic foot in density, and displays an ILD (Inflection Load Density) of 11 - 14 lbs. ILD is a measure of compression response under loading; specifically, how much force is required to compress a sample by 25 percent of its original height. This density is the softest we offer, and is very plush and comfortable while yet having that gently bouncy resilience for which latex bedding is so well known and sought after. This is an ideal density for lighter individuals and anyone looking to primarily add natural softness to their existing mattress.

Medium-Soft Latex Mattress Pad

Medium Soft density latex is 4.7 lbs per cubic foot in density, and displays an ILD of 17 – 20 lbs. This is our most popular density for those who are looking for a natural alternative to a memory foam mattress. The medium soft has the softness of memory foam but also the firm support and naturalness that latex is famous for.  This density is ideal for lighter body weights, and those who want more softness to their topper.

Medium-Firm Latex Mattress Pad

Medium Firm density latex is 5.3 lbs per cubic foot in density, and displays an ILD of 21 – 24 lbs. This density is more firm and supportive than the Medium Soft, while still offering a feeling of softness as you rest. This is ideal for those who prefer a medium firmness that still retains a comfortable level of softness.

Firm Latex Mattress Pad

Firm density latex is 5.9 lbs per cubic foot in density, and displays an ILD of 29 – 32 lbs. This density is firm and very supportive as compared to even the Medium Firm density latex, and is very resilient. This density is most ideal as a support underneath softer layers, or for those who want a bouncy firm sleep surface that has “give” but with very little softness to its feel. Latex always has some firmness to it, so this "firm" latex will be very firm. This firmer latex mattress pad is ideal as a firm support layer under a softer layer of either a memory foam topper or the medium Soft latex layer. Suitable for those who weight more (over 200 lbs), but you may also wish to add a softer 2" layer of either memory foam or medium-soft latex on top. 

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The Ultimate Sleep 100% Natural Latex foam mattress pads come with Free Shipping within the Continental USA, and are offered with our 30 Night Trial Period. If you are not happy with your purchase, please call our Customer Service desk at 800-508-1008 for return instructions within 30 days of receiving your order. You will only be responsible for return shipping costs. And unlike other online retailers, we do not assess any re-stocking or recycling fees on customer returns! A Note About Cal Kings -- 100% Natural Latex is produced in the most standard bedding sizes, and the Cal King size (72" x 84") is considered custom; and therefore toppers of this size are fabricated from Kings by adding on a small 4" section to the bottom of a King that has been narrowed in width to 72".

Topper Sizing: Toppers are very slightly undercut so they will not interfere with your sheets --

Nominal Mattress Dimensions: Twin: 38 x 75; TwinXL: 38 x 80; Full: 53 x 75;

FullXL: 53 x 80; Queen: 60 x 80; East (Std) King: 76 x 80; Cal King: 72 x 84

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