Pure Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers with Organic Cotton Cover Introducing Tally-O Two and Tally-O Three

Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

Tally-O Talalay Latex Mattress Pad Toppers are custom made, unique, and beautifully crafted by Ultimate Sleep. Both the Tally-O Two and the Tally-O Three Mattress Toppers are constructed with the finest 100% Pure Original Talalay Latex and Organic Cotton.  The Tally-O Two has a medium soft feel due to its 24 ILD latex core. It's Organic cotton cover adds a plush layer of cushioning to your mattress, and will keep its wonderful feel and shape for years to come. The Tally-O Three offers a luxuriously medium firm feel due to its 32 ILD latex core, while also providing even greater orthopedic support with a rejuvenating and lively springiness. It also has an organic cotton cover with slightly more quilting. Each Premium Tally-O Latex Mattress Pad Topper can be customized if you're looking for a different softness or firmness (ILD rating), or if you want us to use our 100% Natural Talalay Latex inside (Please call (800) 508-1008 for more information; additional production time may apply).

Pure Original Talalay Latex, considered the cadillac of premium bedding, is extremely comfortable and also very long lasting. In fact, latex retains its characteristics much longer than other types of bedding materials, and remains both comfortably supportive and resiliently springy for decades. This is one of the best features of latex -- that it provides both gentle cushioning and lively support. Our Original Talalay Latex -- the specific type of latex rubber for which the Talalay Process was originally designed -- is also very durable and long-lasting; and naturally antibacterial, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. We offer each Tally-O Topper with Free Shipping in the Continental USA as well as a 30 Night Trial! Custom sizes are also an option.

Tally-O Two: Our 2" Talalay Mattress Pad with Quilted Organic Cover

The Tally-O Two Latex Mattress Topper is 2” thick and has a light and lively medium soft feel. This topper is great if you are looking to add soft cushioning to your mattress. This Tally-O Topper is designed with 2 inches of solid Talalay Latex, encased within a soft 100% Organic Cotton Cover. Pure Latex Bliss!

Tally-O Two Features:

  • 2 Inches of 100% Pure Original Talalay Latex
  • Medium Soft Density (24 ILD Rating)
  • 100% Organic Cotton Cover
  • Available in All Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Free Shipping in the Continental USA
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 30 Day Trial

Tally-O Three: Our 3" Talalay Mattress Topper with Organic Cover

The Tally-O Three Mattress Topper is 3” thick and has a premium plush medium firm feel. This is a great topper for adding a supportive layer to a softer mattress, or a softer cushioning layer to an overly firm mattress. This Tally-O Topper has a fabric top made of 100% Organic Cotton, a handsome beige suede side panel, and a non-slip bottom to keep it firmly in place on your mattress. Inside the cover is 3 inches of Pure Talalay Latex. The Ultimate topper for sleep rejuvenation and restorative sleep support!

Tally-O Three Features:

  • 3 Inches of 100% Pure Original Talalay Latex
  • Medium Firm Density (32 ILD Rating)
  • 100% Organic Cotton Fabric Top and Non-Slip Bottom
  • Available in All Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Free Shipping in the Continental USA
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 30 Day Trial

Talalay Latex vs Memory Foam

Talalay latex is a very special bedding material in high demand because of its luxurious feel, extreme longevity, and vibrant springiness -- as well its nearly odorless nature. It provides a level of orthopedic support and luxurious cushioning that is unique and quite different from that provided by memory foams and other bedding materials that were designed to soften and mold with body heat and pressure, and to recover from body impressions more slowly.

Latex sleeps cooler than memory foam, and is also able to disperse heat more quickly due to both the pin holes from the molding process, which enable more airflow, as well as the cooler nature of latex itself. Latex does have a slight “rubbery” scent when new, but does not have the types of chemical smells ever-present in most modern bedding materials. Another great feature of latex bedding is that its lively springiness makes it easier to turn over or move from one position to another.

All of our Talalay Latex is Made in the USA, which helps ensure a higher quality product that is of a more consistent structure and quality. Covered generously with Premium Organic Cotton, you'll enjoy its soft naturalness as you rest and rejuvenate on inches of pure talalay latex bliss.