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Topper & Pillow Shipping

Fast and Free Shipping via FedEx / UPS Ground - we usually ship Dunlop Latex Toppers and Pillows within 1 - 2 days. Our Talalay Latex Toppers ship directly from the factory and are produced fresh for each order. These top-of-the-line Talalay Latex Toppers are shipped as soon as ready -- no old stock sitting around for months in dusty warehouses.

APO, FPO, DPO Military Orders are Welcome! We will do our best to ship via the US Post Office at no additional charge to you. Please note that Talalay Latex Toppers have to be shipped to our Business Offices first, from where we would re-ship to your Military Address via USPS. Please be patient, and we will notify you of each step of the shipping process. Box size and weight restrictions also apply to some Military Addresses.

For any Shipping Destination outside the 48 Contiguous US States, please ask us for a shipping quote. 

When your mattress pad or pillows are shipped, we will send email notification of the shipping date, carrier, and tracking number, as long as we have a correct email address for you.

Latex Mattress Shipping

Shipping of all our mattresses to your home is also free of charge within the lower 48 US states. This is Free UPS or FedEx Ground delivery, or Common Carrier curbside delivery by truck. If shipped by truck, the shipper will call once the mattress arrives in your local area and ask to arrange a day and time that is convenient for you to have the mattress delivered.

It's a good idea to have a friend ready to help you set up your mattress on the day it arrives. Normally, your mattress will be delivered between 2 to 3 weeks after receiving your order.Please note that larger sizes of Latex Mattresses are quite heavy, and can be difficult to manage alone. This is why King Sizes are considered Custom Orders.

What is Your Return Policy or Trial Period?

If you wish to return the item within our 30 Night Trial period, just call for Return Authorization, and then return the product in an unsoiled and undamaged condition. We will promptly refund the purchase price. You will be responsible only for the return shipping costs.

Please keep in mind that all shippers use dimensional weights in calculating shipping, and it is to your advantage to repackage your topper as compactly as possible, and to use the smallest box available that it will fit inside.

What are some examples of how mattress pad toppers are used?

  • You already have mattress, which has given years of good service, and a few of mediocre comfort. Instead of spending $800 to $1500 on a new bed, transform your sleep experience by adding an Ultimate Sleep Mattress Pad Topper!
  • You purchased a one of these "latest and greatest" beds hyped as the best thing since sliced bread, thinking it would last at least 10 or 12 years. Unfortunately, it proved to be uncomfortable -- not quite right for you --  but now you are stuck with it! Instead of waking up each morning tired, and probably with a neck or backache, try one of our Dunlop or Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Pads and get the sleep you need and deserve! 
  • Your needs and preferences have changed, for various reasons.  A car accident or injury, a surgical procedure; all of these things change our needs in addition to the adjustments and sensitivities of growing older and wiser. Whatever the causes, your need for comfort and deeply restful sleep seems more important and more vital to a healthy and happy lifestyle. A new mattress topper is a perfectly affordable choice that can change your sleep experience in a matter of moments..
  • Airbed? Instead of spending another $1500 on the "luxury model," an Ultimate Sleep Topper can create a luxury model -- simply and affordably! A latex mattress topper will smooth out the ridges of an air chamber or the gap between dual chambers, and can remedy the "sliding-to-the-center " feeling often experienced.
  • Waterbed? A truly revolutionary concept in bedding just made a quantum jump in comfort. Adding a Latex Foam mattress topper to your waterbed
    • Make it considerably more comfortable, affordably
    • Reduce the choppy bobbing feeling of shifting water
    • Provide insulation so the waterbed heater can be turned down

For owners of a --

  • Standard poly-foam bed
  • Spring mattress
  • Sofa bed
  • Bunk bed
  • Folding or inflatable guest bed

A premium Talalay or Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress Pad can help make any of these into an excellent bed at reasonable cost. Your family, friends, and guests will remember the comfort of your bed for years to come, and may even ask what kind of bed it was!

When will a mattress topper not work?

For many problems, a mattress topper is an inexpensive fix and pleasant upgrade to your sleep comfort.  For certain mattress issues, however, adding on a mattress topper may not be enough: lumpiness, or a deep impression or sags in the middle. It is always nice to add a little luxury or to find an inexpensive way to fix up an old mattress, but there is also a time to buy a new mattress (see below).

How can we offer these outstanding internet prices?

None of our Latex Foams are made in Mexico or China. And our Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers are made right here in the USA. You immediately save money in a big way by

  • Not paying for all those shipping and import costs
  • Not paying for the taxes and duties on imported product
  • Supporting the best latex available -- demand reduces cost

Moreover, your payment does not support huge advertising campaigns

  • We do not advertise on TV, radio, or in expensive venues
  • We do not pay celebrities to endorse our products
  • We do not import super inexpensive dressed-up products
  • We do not distribute through a large chain of costly retail outlets

We offer you both quality and service -- and at a huge savings for you -- along with a 30 Night Trial. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by trying one of our fine products. Be our next satisfied customer!

What is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay Latex?

In the beginning, latex foam was produced by the Dunlop Process, the first and best method of turning a semi-liquid batter into a finished foam product. After a few decades, industrialists and chemists developed the Talalay Process in an effort to utilize the best qualities of the Dunlop Process and also create an even more desirable product.

Dunlop is the original and oldest process developed for rubber fabrication, and also the simpler and more basic one. Its development and use is long and colorful; with a very successful track record. And many are still of the opinion that Dunlop Latex is the best, most durable, and longest lasting type of latex available. Latex toppers produced by this method are always 100% Natural Rubber,

Talalay is a more modern and industrialized process for producing latex foam, which also adds extra steps. The Talalay Process was designed specifically to help prevent or minimize unevenness in product density and feel from top to bottom and edge to edge; along with offering a product that combines the best qualities of Natural Rubber and Man-Made or SBR (Styrene-Butadiene) Rubber.

The Talalay Process specifically includes steps for aeration of the latex batter, and pulling a vacuum in order to create a finer and more homogeneous cell-size and distribution. Molded and aerated latex batter is then flash-frozen to keep everything just-so, and then vulcanized. The Talalay Processl, by design, also gives much greater control over gradations of product firmness or ILD.

What is the difference between Talalay Naturelle and Original?

The Talalay Process was originally developed as a modern process with a modern formulation. Customers generally want a predictable quality along with a wide selection of product density to meet their needs. To this end, the Talalay Process was originally designed to be used with a Blended Latex Formulation -- which we call Original Talalay.

Original Talalay is available in product ILDs including 14, 19, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, and 44, rather than ranges, as is the case with All Natural Latex products. This ability comes from the addition of Man-Made SBR Rubber.

Naturelle Talalay was later developed for the emerging Green Market -- for all those who loved Talalay Latex but wanted an all natural latex version. Available product ILDs are 14-19, 19-24, 24-28, 28-32, and 32-36.

Both Original and Naturelle Talalay are Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified Baby Safe. Talalay Latex takes the legendary luxury of latex to an entirely new level of comfort support!

Which thickness of latex topper is best?

We offer mattress toppers in 2 inch and 3 inch profiles. Beyond 3", it is often best to layer different ILDs of product for maximum comfort and options.  Clearly, this is a choice of comfort versus cost, and is based on personal preference.  However, it might be helpful to know:

2 inch toppers are recommended for people who…

  • Sleep on their back or belly most of the time
  • Want additional sleep comfort or a slight adjustment to their bed

3 inch toppers are recommended for people who….

  • Sleep on their sides
  • Are heavier in body weight
  • Are having a problem with their mattress aggravating painful pressure points at places like the shoulders or hips

Need More Information? Please speak with one of our Sales Agents at (800) 508-1008. They can also organize samples of our fine latex for you to touch and feel. We advise putting samples on a hard flat surface like your dining room table, and pressing with the flat of your hand or all of your fingers together. "Just a quick squeeze" with a few fingers is not going to give a very accurate reading..

Will a latex topper make me perspire?

The more open cell the foam structure, the more self-ventilating the foam. Although rubber is a natural insulator, its open-celled structure actually dissipates heat. Latex foams sleep much cooler than comparable memory foam or polyurethane foam products. If you're prone to sleeping warm, consider also using a quilted mattress pad on top to add cooling breathability.

Are all of your latex foam toppers breathable?

All of our latex foams are breathable, as well as pincore molded across the length and width of the topper to assist with cooling airflow.

What causes the scent of newness?

Specialized processes give the foam a unique quality and feel. They also create a scent that's noticeable when you first open the packaging. To eliminate it, let your mattress "air out" for 24 hours. Natural latex foams are still made of natural rubber, which has its own unique scent. Talalay Original is also all rubber -- even though a blend of man-made rubber and botanical rubber -- and thus its natural rubbery scent.

Does the latex foam mattress leave body impressions?

No. Latex is plush, supportive, resilient, and comfortable -- and known for its gently springy resilience. In contrast, Memory Foam is actually designed to recover slowly from body impressions so as to cradle the body in its uniquely cocoon-like comfort. Please note that all bedding materials compress over time.

How often do I rotate my topper or mattress?

For most foam mattresses, it is suggested that for ultimate performance over the longest period of time you should rotate the bed once every two weeks for the first three months and then once a month after that. The aim of such strategy is "even wearing" so that the mattress or topper isn't used in exclusively one area and little used across the remainder of its surface.

Please Note: This doesn't mean flipping the mattress upside down. It means rotating the mattress such that the prior "head" becomes the new "foot" and vice versa.

Will a foam topper fix my sagging bed?

A mattress topper will not fix all mattress problems.  If your mattress….

  • Has a deep impression or sags in the middle
  • Is deeply lumpy or bumpy
  • Is too soft

In these situations a mattress topper should help, but may not fix your problem.  We also offer a Big Boy Mattress Pad Renewal Pad on our Sister Website ( which was designed to address mattress issues, in addition to providing a very firm sleep surface for heavy and big customers and anyone else wanting a really firm bed.

Sleep Well - Be Well, Naturally