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Customer feedback is a vital part of staying abreast of how a company is performing -- from the perspective of customers who take the time to connect with us. We welcome your comments and reviews of our fine products and service.

"Ultimate Sleep has been a wonderful company to work with over the years. Their professionalism, superb customer support, and accessibility are unparalleled ... reaching a real person when calling who is friendly and knowledgeable. The products are high quality indeed, and I plan to count on their products and staff long into the future. Thank you!"

-- Deseree with Turtle Island Preserve (North Carolina)

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"Hi There!.  Just wanted to thank you for your excellent services and recommendation for our purchase of your mattress topper.  We are very satisfied with the topper and are sleeping great.  Thanks again."

-- Jerry Ringenberg, Bainbridge Island (Washington State)

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"Memory foam is like sleeping in quick sand... can't move!! I have a Sleep Number bed and swapped out the memory foam for a latex topper and what a difference it makes. No "ditch" to roll out of if you switch positions. No back pain in the morning. Sooooooo comfortable. HAPPY!!!" -- MaryEllynn

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