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Dunlop Latex -- Your Little Slice of Heaven

Bare Foam Toppers

The Original Latex Foam Bedding. Everybody agrees that Dunlop Latex is the quality latex, and it is known for its extreme durability, performance, and luxury feel. Purists and Originalists also state emphatically that nothing beats Dunlop Latex in every single area of consideration -- naturalness, longevity, performance, and toughness.

100% Natural Latex Comfort Zone

100% Natural Dunlop


19-22 ILD


30-32 ILD


38-40 ILD

 Firm Plus

42-46 ILD

100% Organic Dunlop


18-22 ILD


24-26 ILD


32-34 ILD



Here we offer bare foam 100% Natural Dunlop Latex Toppers without cover, as well as also our Premium Duxell-O Fully Upholstered Dunlop Latex Toppers. Both feature our world-class Certified Natural Dunlop Latex; and each Duxell-O topper is covered with Certified Organic Cotton in a plush, handsome, and sturdy Organic Cotton enclosure.

Dunlop Latex Certifications

Dunlop Latex Certifications

Talalay Latex is of two types, and is discussed separately. It touts a modern formulation, modern processing tweaks, performance enhancements -- and a whole army of positively enthusiastic supporters. Bravo, everyone finds a way to enjoy fine latex bedding and a wonderful sleep and lifestyle enhancement!

Sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis turned into foam rubber and cured in a mold with heat; that is the simplistic explanation of a more complicated industrial process that includes terms like aeration, frothing, vulcanization, maturing, and so forth. Our manufacturer's YouTube video explains the process --

Latex Process Video

Please note that many Custom Sizes and Specifications may also available as custom items. Please speak with one of our Sales Agents at (800) 498-0779 for more information or to order.

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Customer Testimonial

"We have a Dux Bed and it seemed to have lost some of its legendary comfort. I concluded that the topper was just worn out and started looking for a replacement. I found this company [Ultimate Sleep, Inc] in Boone NC, a favorite place of ours, that had a great web presence with lots of information and top-notch foam products. I settled on a 3" Dunlop topper with one of their custom cotton covers. The craftsmanship and comfort are incredible; I should have switched to their topper years ago! I now also have one of their Talalay pillows.... I highly recommend this company if you need any bedding!!!"  -- Larry from North Carolina