Tally-O Custom Talalay Latex Mattress Pad


Premium Finished Talalay Latex Topper with Organic Cotton Cover

"My Mattress is Like New -- No, Better than New Now!"

Talalay Latex Topper Chart

We've expanded our popular Tally-O Upholstered Latex Topper so that you can now customize yours with the exact density (ILD) and style (Naturelle or Original Talalay) of Talalay Latex that suits your needs.

Each piece of Oeko-Tex Certified Talalay Latex is wrapped in Organic Cotton quilted mattelaise fabric and professionally finished with a tape edge. The result -- a handsome and amazingly rejuvenating premium latex topper. A makeover for your current mattress, offering unmatched latex luxury and orthopedic support.

Tally-O Talalay Latex Certifications

Please speak with one of our Sales Agents for assistance or more information at (800) 498-0779. Tally-O Talalay Latex Toppers can also be customized with other densities of latex not mentioned here -- Original Talalay (14, 36, 40, and 44 ILD) and Naturelle Talalay Latex (Firm 32-36 ILD).

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