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Talalay Latex became an instant hit with its advancement of the great qualities of the original Dunlop Latex that our grandparents used. Newer technologies and industrial capabilities allow better aeration via smaller and more evenly sized air bubbles, while processing gained a few new steps to help freeze the porous bubbles in place. In the final analysis, this helps to prevent bubbles from rising upward or aggregating -- both of which can lead to uneven support and feel across the topper.

Our Talalay Latex is simply the best in the world, no kidding. Latex Sleep Therapy. We complement and enhance that by offering the same exceptional Talalay Latex in an Original Talalay -- the original blend of Botanical Latex and Man-Made Latex for which the Talalay Process was originally designed -- as well as 100% Natural Talalay Latex. What a perfect way to renew an old mattress or add a touch of special to your bed!

Vita Talalay  Certifications

Original World Class Talalay Latex is Oeko-Tex, CradletoCradle, and EcoInstitut Certified to be free from harmful substances and suitable for babies. Improve your sleep and your well-being with the comfortable and ergonomic support of a latex topper. Available in all bed sizes, and in firmnesses ranging from Soft (14 ILD) to Extra-Firm (40 ILD).

Naturelle Talalay Latex is 100% Natural and also Oeko-Tex, CradletoCradle, and EcoInstitut Certified. It is made completely from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, and is available in all bed sizes, and from Soft (12-16 ILD) to Extra-Firm (34-38 ILD) density. Sleep Well - Be Well, Naturally. Each topper is fresh in our factory; hence it takes approximately one week before your new topper will ship -- straight out of production!

If you're looking for a professionally finished, fabric covered Latex topper, our Tally-O Latex Toppers wrap that same premium Talalay Lalalay Latex in a cocoon of Pure Certified Organic Cotton, for the ultimate in a finished Talalay Latex topper. Add a new dimension of comfort and support to your bed, and a new level of well-being and vibrancy to your life, with a Talalay Latex Topper from Ultimate Sleep -- see below.

Our Sales Agents are available at (800) 498-0779 to answer your questions and help you get the natural comfort you need! Naturelle Talalay Latex Toppers in 1" thickness are also available.

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