Trial Offer

Trial Offer

Mattress Pad Toppers
We know you will love your Mattress Pad Toppers. But occasionally we do find that a customer feels that latex foam is just not for them. To ensure your complete satisfaction we are pleased to offer a 30-night trial period on your new Toppers. If you wish to return the topper, we only ask that you call for return authorization within 30 days of receiving the product and then that you return it with the original packing and in an unsoiled and undamaged condition. We will refund the full purchase price of the item. You will be responsible for the return shipping to us. When you call (800) 508-1008 for return authorization you will be given information on where to return the item.

Mattresses and Mattress Sets
Are you wondering if a latex foam mattress is right for you? How about this: I've had a great rate of customer satisfaction on these mattresses, and I'm confident that if you try one for thirty nights you'll want to keep it.  And I'm ready to give you the best deal you're likely to find.

A day doesn't go by without our hearing from someone who is stuck with an uncomfortable and expensive bed they bought from a local bedding store. That's not going to happen to you, if you take advantage of my offer. Try it out. Test it for 30 nights.If you're not sold by then - neither is the mattress.

Simply call us by the end of the 30 days to arrange its return, no questions asked. We would like you to keep the mattress for a minimum of a week though. This is in order to give your mattress a fair trial. The latex foam is a unique and luxurious experience most often noticed immediately on the first night, but for some it may take a few days. If after 30 days you are still not completely satisfied please call us toll free at (800) 508-1008 to arrange return authorization. We will then give you the return shipping instructions. The return shipping cost is $250. The return shipping cost remains the customer’s responsibility.

As long as the mattress is returned in good condition (no damage, no stains, etc.) we'll promptly refund you the original sale price less the return shipping cost of $250.

When does the trial period start?
The 30-day trial starts from the day you receive your mattress or mattress pad topper. This trial is for the Toppers, the Twin XL Guest Folding Bed only. The trial does not include any of our Pillows and Specialty Comfort Items.

Products Not Subject to Our 30 Day Trial Offer

The following products are not subject to our 30 Day Free Trial Offer: All Pillows and Cushions, Yoga Mat and Folding Guest Bed.

Note on Cancellations
You have a 24 hour grace period to cancel your bed order. Our mattresses ship very promptly, so any cancellations after 24 hours may be subject to [a cancellation fee of up to $250]. After 24 hours your mattress is most likely already on its way to you. The $250 deduction is to cover the return shipping and/or processing fees. It will be deducted from your payment refund.

The greatest part of our business is hearing from our many satisfied customers. A day does not go by without an e-mail or a phone call from a customer thanking us for a great night’s sleep. They report sleeping better than ever thanks to their new mattress or topper.

To all our wonderful, satisfied customers, Thanks you for the compliments!